Our PaaS cloud-based platform eliminates the cost and complexity of developing applications by providing software development tools, application programming interfaces and code to help streamline application development. PaaS eliminates the need to buy expensive IT hardware and reduce the costs normally associated with development.

GDMS’s PaaS offers you development options for multiple platforms such as desktop and mobile apps. Using a platform to build one application to be deployed across multiple channels including a range of connected devices, is a fast and cost-effective approach that enables scalability on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Collaboration PaaS are collaboration capabilities that become services in the form of APIs, or collaboration-enabled business applications. These applications perform specific tasks and can be extended with additional functionality.

Unified communications (UC) solutions deliver integration of the communication tools: such as Voice, IP Telephony Calling, Instant Messaging, Desktop Sharing, Presence, and Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, and Video Conferencing with seamless user experiences that help people work together more effectively, anywhere, on any device.

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SIP Trunk

SIP Trunking provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to businesses to replace traditional phone lines with GDMS SIP trunking solution.

SIP Trunking Benefits:

  • Work with any SIP Compatible PBX or SIP Trunking Softswitch.
  • No Need to invest in pricey TDM equipment
  • Reduce your expenses
    • Low monthly rates, per channel and/or per minute.
    • A single internet connection works for data and voice.
  • Best for organizations with multiple locations.
  • Redundancy with multiple SIP Trunking Services providers.
  • Flexible termination of calls to preferred providers.

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Direct Inward Dialing – DID

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is simply a virtual phone number that routes incoming calls to your company’s existing phone lines. GDMS can provide local DID numbers in Lao PDR and Myanmar.

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Mobile device management (MDM) allows the controlled management of mobile devices including smartphones, tablet, and personal digital assistants (PDA) in a centralized way by business administrators through the use of specialized hardware and software. Our customers can ensure that the devices comply with their organization-specific IT policies through the MDM software.

GDMS’s reliable cloud-based email security provides a fully integrated business email security on the cloud that delivers total end-to-end control of your email, mitigating persistent threat risks and reducing the complexity of your infrastructure. Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques, our cloud email protection platform provides you with the best possible level of email protection.

Our cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) and cloud IAM solutions make the process of managing identities less complex by enabling the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud addresses several major trends facing enterprises:

  • Increased usage of bandwidth-hungry apps (VoIP, UC, Video)
  • Expansion of branch locations, teleworkers, and other remote sites
  • Migration to cloud applications
  • Pressure to reduce the capital and operational costs of traditional MPLS and private line networking
  • Availability of Connectivity in “Fiber Cut” Scenarios

Single Pane Solution both data center and branch connectivity

  • Partner owns both ends of the SLA
  • Single point of contact – no finger pointing
  • Flexibility to migrate workloads to cloud provider or public cloud

Why GDMS’s SDWAN solutions?

Network and services are more relevant to their business outcome

  • Appropriate services inserted at the branch
  • Application awareness and prioritization
  • Consistent Security policy for both public SaaS and hosted applications

Reduced cost for remote connectivity

  • MPLS only used for backup or when SLA’s violated
  • Multiple broadband links for greater bandwidth

Better service assurance and availability (Application performance)

  • Brownout detection for service degradation
  • Automatic reroute of service requests based on monitoring KPI’s
  • Improved performance of SaaS applications (VoIP / Video calling)

The Content Delivery Management (CDN) allows your business to improve user experiences and reduce bounce sessions and loads of your servers by moving your content closer to your servers. The content is replicated and stored throughout the CDN so the user can access the data that is stored at a location that is geographically closest to the user.

Website Acceleration

Speeds up the end user’s experience of a customer’s website by delivering
the site from a network of delivery nodes around the globe. Serving the
content from the best available node, ensures that the website is fast and

Large File Download

Make downloads available, fast and reliable to end-users, no matter how
large the file and wherever the user is located. Typical examples are
software downloads or ‘download-then-watch’ video.

Live Streaming

Stream live video from your 24×7 channels and one-time events over the
Internet. Please approach Conversant for a more detailed discussion to
deliver the best experience for your users.

On-Demand Streaming

Stream pre-recorded video or audio (e.g. movies, television programs,
music) direct to users on demand.

CDN Myanmar – Our CDN Delivery Service in Myanmar

CDN Laos – Our CDN Delivery Service in Lao

CDN Vietnam – Our CDN Delivery Service in Vietnam

GDMS operates a public SMS Gateway in its domestic cloud in Lao PDR.

GDMS SMS Gateway enables customers to deliver high-quality SMS to the domestic networks in Laos.

The SMS gateway can address various use cases such as:

  • A2P stands for application to person messaging service. An A2P SMS is a text message which is specifically sent from a web-based application to the mobile user. Example: Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP)
  • Bulk Marketing SMS: Way of communicating with a wide range of customers using mobile technology


  • Self-Service Messaging Platform for Bulk Marketing Campaign
  • Supports multiple access connections: Private Leased Line / Internet
  • Supports multiple protocols: HTTP / SMPP
  • Unique sender address
  • Easy access to delivery reports or account and billing information