GDMS Content Deliver Network Solutions (CDN) in Vietnam


Boost your web application performance through our federation network. With GDMS CDN solution, you can handle more concurrent users and unexpected network traffic spike while preserving your current infrastructure, enabling your website to scale on demand.

Designed to handle both Video and Web Object media, GDMS CDN automatically detects the viewer’s location by examining their IP address on a global database. This decides which CDN node is closest to the viewer for the fastest delivery times possible. Customers can accelerate their website loading times by offloading their files to our content delivery network. GDMS offers domestic CDN infrastructure in Vietnam ensuring your local subscribers get the best quality of experience.

This high-speed delivery is achieved with our mapping, content replication, and route optimization technology which is used to provide the most reliable delivery path to the viewer, even at busy times.

cdn vietnam content delivery network hanoi ho chi minh
cdn vietnam content delivery network hanoi ho chi minh

Live Broadcast and OTT Streaming

Are you looking to expand your presence beyond traditional cable or satellite solutions? Whether you’re broadcasting premium live events for OTT distribution or 24/7 channels to an online audience, we developed our OTT streaming solutions to reach viewers on any internet-connected device.

With GDMS solution, OTT platforms can extend traditional broadcasting services and open up new monetization opportunities. Adaptive bitrate streaming ensures the best quality possible for viewers on mobile devices, set-top boxes, and everything in between.

GDMS has deployed numerous CDN nodes in Vietnam to ensure local subscribers never face buffering issues.

Live Commerce

Live commerce describes the combination of streaming video and e-commerce, pledges to revolutionize the retail industry and consumer shopping habits. 

E-commerce is booming in Vietnam. Online marketplaces like Shopee or Lazada allow users to buy and sell products without leaving their homes. But the addition of live video streaming is proving crucial to keeping buyers interested. Why? The ability to purchase online is no longer an innovation. Without new layers of engagement, online marketplaces will become a thing of the past.

By integrating live-streaming into your eCommerce platform, you can deliver the closest possible experience to ‘being there’ for those tuning in from their home. Real-time interactivity mimics the urgency of a real marketplace, urging for immediate action and advanced community participation.

GDMS helps customers in Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam increase customer conversion by implementing a Live Commerce Solution. 

cdn vietnam content delivery network hanoi ho chi minh