Government Cloud (GovCloud) in Laos

GDMS Government Cloud consists of sovereign cloud infrastructure, allowing Lao government agencies and customers to host sensitive workloads while addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

GDMS Government Cloud is hosted in a government data center facility managed and operated by government personnel. GDMS GovCloud allows customers to protect sensitive unclassified data files with server-side vSphere encryption. Customers can also store and manage security keys by themselves with a physically collocated hardware security module (HSM).

GDMS allows customers to add capacity to the cloud in minutes, This can be done while retaining your data security needs.

With GDMS, you can store, backup, and immediately recover your IT systems within seconds as it supports the DR approaches. GDMS offers powerful services that act as a failover within seconds, from premium active-standby solutions to quick backups.

GDMS Government Cloud features:

  • Each government agency can create one or more VPCs completely isolated from each other
  • GDMS VPC is based on VMware vCloud Director, the industry-leading solution for private and hybrid cloud leveraging NSX Network and Security Platform
  • Clients can create subnets, gateways, firewalls, and load balancers in a self-service fashion
  • GDMS Government Cloud fully supports the Zero-Trust security model
  • GDMS Sovereign Cloud Infrastructure is located in a highly secured government data center in Laos operated by government personnel.
  • As a fully licensed service provider, GDMS can provide public and private connectivity to government offices and datacenters.
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GovCloud Features

  • Government Datacenter managed by government personnel
  • VMware Network and Security Platform (NSX)
  • Zero-Trust Security Model
  • Collocated hardware security module (HSM)
  • Private Connectivity to government offices and departments
  • Compliant with data sovereignty laws
  • Cloud Certified Engineers
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support