What We Do


Founded in Singapore in 2019, Global Digital Management Solutions (GDMS) provides consulting, data center & cloud-based services, and digital solutions for various sectors including government and the finance industry. GDMS cloud computing services are available in Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. Our main objective is to assist the public and private sectors with their digital transformation projects. To accomplish this, we operate a local cloud infrastructure that enables companies to quickly and securely transition to the cloud while keeping their data local.


Our goal is to assist companies and public administrations to migrate to the cloud while complying with sovereignty and residency data laws.

We believe in a hybrid localinternational approach to cloud services, local like our people, our infrastructure, and our way of doing business, international like our compliance, our certifications, and the technology partners that support our products and services.

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We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest level of service available in-country, backed by the VMware seal of approval.

  • GDMS launched a state of the art VMware cloud infrastructure in Lao PDR after successfully signing the deployment and promotion of digital solutions using the LEED datacenter built by JICA
  • GDMS is currently implementing the complete Disaster Recovery for Lao National Single Window — LNSW is part of the Trade Facilitation Program implemented by Lao PDR
  • GDMS is part of the VMware Cloud Service Provider Program
  • GDMS is Fortinet Integrator in Laos and Myanmar
  • GDMS is part of the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) program in Laos
  • GDMS is part of Conversant CDN Federation Network
  • GDMS is part of Equinix Reseller Program