Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in Myanmar

GDMS Virtual Private Cloud provides a Cloud resource space that is fully isolated from other cloud environments to deploy your applications. GDMS VPC gives you full control of your environment with complete autonomy to configure your IaaS resources in terms of computing, storage volumes and modes, networking, and governance services. GDMS VPC solutions are sovereign, and available in Myanmar and in Laos (see VPC in Laos).

GDMS VPC features:

  • Each Client can create one or more VPCs completely isolated from each other
  • GDMS VPC is based on VMware vCloud Director, the industry-leading solution for private and hybrid cloud leveraging NSX Network and Security Platform
  • Clients can create subnets, gateways, firewalls, and load balancers in a self-service fashion
  • 2 or more VPCs can be connected by a VPC link, VPC can also be connected to the customer office network or private cloud infrastructure through a leased line
  • GDMS Cloud Infrastructure is distributed in two availability zones in Myanmar: Mandalay and Yangon
  • GDMS Cloud Infrastructure is deployed in telecom-grade datacenters and operates a fully redundant DC interconnect network between the two facilities.
  • Leveraging strong telecom partnerships in Myanmar, GDMS can provide public and private connectivity to your enterprise network and data center.
  • GDMS Cloud Infrastructure complies with data sovereignty laws.

VPCs are a “best of both worlds” approach to cloud computing. They supply customers with many of the advantages of private cloud infrastructure while leveraging public cloud resources and savings. The following are some fundamental characteristics of the VPC model:

  • Agility: VPC enables you to manage the size of your virtual network and deploy on-the-spot cloud resources whenever your business needs them. You can scale up and down these resources dynamically.
  • Availability: Redundant resources and highly fault-tolerant availability zone architectures mean your applications and workloads are always available.
  • Security: As VPC is a logically isolated network, customer data and applications won’t mix with cloud provider’s other customer workload. Customers possess full control over how resources and workloads are accessed, and by whom.
  • Affordability: VPC customers can take advantage of the public cloud’s cost-effectiveness, such as saving on hardware costs, labor times, and other resources. Let us deal with the infrastructure heavy-lifting and focus on what is the most important for your business: innovation and time to market.
GDMS VPC Lao Myanmar Virtual Private Cloud

VPC Features

  • Industry-grade Hardware
  • Two Availability Zones in Myanmar (Yangon, Mandalay)
  • VMware Network and Security Platform (NSX)
  • Create as many networks as you like, deploy virtual switches, routers, firewalls, and load balancers as you need it
  • Distributed Switching, Routing, and Firewalling
  • Web Management portal
  • Low latency to all domestic networks in Laos
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support