GDMS provides consulting services in:

  • IT, Cloud solutions, Software, Telecom
  • Investment Projects
  • Marketing studies
  • Project management
  • Security: Pen Testing, Education and Training awareness

We provide a variety of cloud-based solutions and Managed Infrastructure Services. We have a team of professionals and technology partners with expertise in managing cloud solutions from Microsoft, Google and Amazon to support you through your decision-making process, from exploratory evaluations to cloud strategy to solution and technology decisions. Our cloud consulting services ensure you ask all the right questions, get clinical answers upfront, and make informed cloud and IT decisions— the ones that will help you accomplish your business objectives.

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Cloud enablement may seem like a technology project, but in reality requires far more input–and consideration–from the whole business to be truly seamless, secure and successful. Using GDMS cloud enablement service, we ensure that your journey into the cloud is painless, simple and speedy.

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